The art of decluttering Deciding what to keep and what to toss

Decluttering can be an excellent way to relax, organize and declutter your living space – but sometimes it can be challenging deciding what items should remain and which should go.

Consider what items you truly require before deciding to get rid of anything – this can save time and effort in the long run!

Ask yourself if you really need it.


Decluttering can be stressful, so it can be easy to hoard items just in case they come in handy later. That could leave you second-guessing yourself about whether they should remain or go.

Avoid this situation by asking yourself if something is really necessary and, if that is not the case, dispose of it accordingly.

Before making a final decision about whether or not an item is needed in your life, try considering its frequency of usage. If it is only used once or twice annually, chances are it no longer belongs in your routine.

Discarding items we’ve invested money in can be hard, but if they no longer serve their intended purpose or you no longer like them, consider tossing them. Doing so will create space for more important items while saving money long term!

Ask yourself if you really want it.

Considering a few key points when deciding what items are worth keeping or discarding is key when making this important decision. They include functionality, use, how much of what it means for you personally and meaning.

If an item doesn’t function or is only being used once every year, then it might be wise to part ways with it. Conversely, sentimental value aside, keeping things that don’t have much use in your life should probably not be kept around any longer!

Debating whether or not to keep something can be stressful, particularly when it’s taking up space in your life. But it is essential to keep in mind that everything has an associated cost–whether financial or emotional.

Ask yourself if you really want to keep it.

Selecting what items to keep and discard can be an emotional process, particularly when looking through items with deep personal meaning, such as wedding gowns, hand-me-down clothes or clothes passed down from loved ones.

Keep in mind, though, that at some point keeping items hinders rather than improves quality of life.

Here are a few helpful guidelines for identifying which items to keep and which to discard during your declutter process:

1. Ask yourself if the item really serves its intended purpose or meets its requirements.

2. Do You Have Room in Your Home for It?

3. Does It Inspire Joy and 4. Will You Benefit in 2019

If it’s something that won’t be used within a year, chances are it won’t be needed in five to ten years either. That is an indicator that it might be best to part ways with it.

Ask yourself if you really want to get rid of it.

One of the hardest parts of decluttering is choosing between what items to keep and throw out, an often confusing and stressful task.

When in doubt, ask yourself whether you really need something. Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether something should remain, especially when trying to part with items you may have had for some time but no longer think you will use. This question will help make an important decision more easily.

Determining whether an item is worthy of keeping is another way of deciding. If an object brings you no pleasure or serves no useful purpose, then it may be time for it to go.