After the physical demands of moving, rest is of utmost importance – making a bed your priority prior to unpacking anything else is ideal for getting restful slumber.

Comfort is key when moving into your new home, so pack a bag full of cozy linens and pillowcases and start making your bed right away.

Start with the most important rooms first.


As soon as possible, begin unpacking and setting up your home by prioritizing its most essential rooms. By getting these right, your house will feel more inviting to live in.

Kitchens are generally considered the focal point of every house. As this room serves as the hub of family activity and affects its value greatly, investing time and attention in its upkeep should pay dividends in terms of real estate returns.

Pack an overnight bag.

As soon as you arrive and start unpacking and settling in, it’s helpful to have essentials on hand – such as toothbrushes and toothpaste; hair products; medications you might require etc.

As soon as you begin the moving process, make sure to put together your overnight bag as quickly as possible. That way, you won’t have to search through multiple boxes to locate needed items.

Keep all your important personal documents with you if possible – these items can easily be lost or forgotten about otherwise!

Make a bed.

Beds are among the most essential pieces of furniture in any new home, serving both as sleeping arrangements and seating arrangements. Because they play such an integral role, beds will likely be among the first items unpacked and assembled once you’ve settled into your new place.

Assuming you have all of the right tools and help, disassembling a bed frame should be relatively straightforward. Depending on its type, however, various parts may need to be broken off from its frame including its headboard and box spring.

Before disassembling the bed, take accurate measurements to ensure it will fit through doors, hallways and tight corners at your new home. Also consider whether or not its design matches up with that of your new living space.

Pack games to play.

Board games are a staple in every home and offer a great way to relax after an exhausting day at work or school. But moving them between houses requires being cautious with how you handle and transport it – therefore taking certain measures prior and during transport could prevent damage to its delicate components.

Step one in moving should always involve organizing all your games into categories and choosing which ones you will take with you, leaving behind any unnecessary items.