Choosing the right moving company Key factors to consider

Selecting an experienced moving company is paramount to a smooth move; choosing an unsuitable mover may result in costly disputes and unpleasant experiences.

Reach out to friends and family. This can help you identify which companies they have used in the past and whether or not they recommend them.



Before embarking on any move, it is vitally important to investigate the reputation of a moving company. This can be accomplished either online reviews or speaking to previous users who have used that company before.

Reputations is key in drawing customers in. Word-of-mouth marketing has the greatest effect, as studies show customers trust referrals more than any other form of advertising.

While all legitimate moving companies may experience problems from time to time, it’s best to monitor reviews for each one to get an overall idea of their performance.

Review can also serve to weed out scammers from the market, since scammy companies will sometimes flood review sites with false positive reviews in an attempt to subdue complaints about them.


Experienced movers understand their craft and can make your move less stressful. They know how to pack beds, load and unload trucks, handle heavy lifting and ensure that your possessions arrive safe and sound in their new city. Selecting the appropriate moving company is paramount not only for safety reasons but also because choosing wisely could mean the difference between an enjoyable moving experience and one full of stress and tension.

Find the ideal moving company by asking around in your community for advice. This approach works particularly well when moving for work purposes; for starters, networking will likely come easily to you as an already employed resident of that region. Furthermore, using social media channels you regularly use at work to promote your upcoming relocation may help find you your perfect match movers faster!


Moving companies employ various equipment in their transport of goods between locations. This may include dollies, furniture pads, straps, hand trucks, ramps and lifts.

Selecting the appropriate equipment is critical when moving. Take into account factors like distance covered, machinery specifications and any potential obstacles encountered along your journey.

Heavy equipment requires special care when transported or handled for transporting, so hiring professional movers who have experience managing this form of transport is highly recommended.

When planning a move, it’s essential to find an equipment moving company with warehousing services as this makes the entire process of shipping and storing equipment much simpler.


When planning to relocate, it is essential that you find a moving company with appropriate insurance coverage – this may include general liability and commercial auto policies among others.

Moving companies need coverage for client items lost or damaged while in storage or transit, missed employee compensation payments and more. Understanding all the different types of business insurance available to movers allows for informed decisions when shopping around for policy options and coverage amounts.

Federal regulations mandate all interstate movers offer two forms of coverage, basic and full value protection. Basic covers your belongings for 60 cents per pound of the load while full value protection will cover its replacement value.